Berkey Instructions

Contents: 1 – Upper Chamber (has holes for the filters) 1 – Lower Chamber (has a hole for the spigot) 1 – Spigot Kit which contains: Spigot Two washers (some are flat, some are beveled, units vary) Nut 1 – Lid 1 – Lid Knob with Screw (N/A for Berkey Light) 2 to 8 – […]

Identifying Black Berkey Filter Problems

When your new Black Berkey filters arrive (maybe in a shiny stainless steel Berkey unit!), it’s definitely cause for excitement! You know you’re about to experience some of the purest water on the planet. We don’t want any little glitches that may occur in the set-up process to discourage you; it’s good to remember that […]