Mother-Ease Cloth Diaper Wash and Care Instructions

Caring for your cloth diapers is simple! First, it is recommended that you wash brand-new diapers a few times before the first use to “break in” and maximize the absorbancy. After the diaper is soiled, flush any solid pieces in your toilet. Then, place the used diaper in an airtight diaper pail. When you are […]

New Swim Tops

We’re pleased to announce that we are carrying a new accessory to the Mother-Ease swim line…the Swim / Sun Tops. Whether choosing boys or girls Sun Tops, these are the best. Cut and styled to compliment our swim diapers. The girls’ tops have a designer A line cut with a ruffled cap sleeve for added […]

Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers

We often get the question of, “What laundry detergent do you recommend for cloth diapers?”. Our recommendation is Seventh Generation laundry detergent. It is very gentle and cleans well. We also will add lavender essential oil to it, but you can purchase it with that already added. We’ve listed several specific recommendations below.

Bamboo Cloth Diapers?

For those of you who have purchased our Mother-Ease bamboo cloth diapers, you may have read the ingredients and wondered to yourself…”Where’s the bamboo?” That’s a great question. The diapers currently consist of 57% Rayon, 24% Cotton, and 19% Polyester. The bamboo is actually part of the manufacturing process for one of the fibers in […]

The Cure for Morning Sickness

Some people call it “morning sickness” but what do you call it when it’s “all-day-and-night-sickness”? Well, for those suffering from whatever-you-call-it, I have some great news to pass along. This is my 5th pregnancy and I can’t believe the difference since trying this common remedy. But, first, I have a little story to tell (well, […]

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers

9G Health Foods is proud to offer the diapers we’ve been using for over 6 years! The Mother-Ease Diaper System is the world’s BEST diaper system in existence, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with them for many years! We’ve used the same diapers with 4 children and they still work wonderfully. This is a […]