Inc Built-In Ovens


Sizes are INTERIOR cooking space dimensions (approximate).

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We offer the finest in wood-fired ovens. And just like all of our products, we use what we sell, so we are happy to give advice and recommendations tailored just for you!

The INC wood burning oven is the built-in / build-in version of the GUSTO, Fontana’s best selling Built in outdoor wood-fired oven. Many can be found in Italy to still be in use after 30 years of service. The Inc is a heavy duty unit that is made of a combination of cast iron, steel, and stainless steel for years of dependable use. This outdoor oven is extremely practical and easy to use – equipped with an interior light and a convection fan. It comes in either a rectangular or 45 degree tapered top corner design.

The INC comes in several sizes:

Interior Baking Dimensions (approximate):
INC 100V – Depth 36”, Width 20”, Height 18”
INC 80×54V – Depth 30”, Width 20”, Height 18”
INC 80V – Depth 30”, Width 16”, Height 16”
INC 57V – Depth 22”, Width 16”, Height 16”

Exterior Dimensions (not including stack):
INC 100V – Depth 46”, Width 33”, Height 36”
INC 80×54V – Depth 37”, Width 34”, Height 36”
INC 80V – Depth 37”, Width 30”, Height 35”
INC 57V – Depth 29”, Width 30”, Height 35”


  • Durable Italian Quality
  • Easy Setup & Portable
  • Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Extremely Efficient
  • 45 Min Preheat Time
  • Convection Fan & Interior Light
  • Thermometer & Timer
  • Made in Italy

How Do I Get One?

As you can see, the INC doesn’t fit nicely in a box that you can bring home from the local store. We ship each oven by freight, and your home will need a little preparation before your oven arrives. Please contact us so we can consult with you prior to ordering to make sure your outdoor kitchen area is ready for an INC. Likewise, we’ll need to go over with you how to actually receive your oven. There’s nothing like getting the world’s best wood-fired oven only to realize you can’t lift 800 pounds by yourself.

We do offer on-site installation and instruction as well, so please contact us for details.


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