Diaper Rash & Skin Abrasion Ointment

Does your little one have a stubborn rash that doesn’t seem to ever clear up. What about when someone in the family gets a cut or bruise? What do you do? Here’s the next thing you can do after a kiss! It’s easy to do…just give yourself enough time so that it’s on hand when […]

Automatic Dishwashing Detergents & Environmenal Toxins

Friends, as you begin to make healthy changes in your eating habits, don’t forget about the potential environmental toxins lurking in your home. These can be just as damaging, if not more damaging to your health than processed foods. Things such as: “plug-in” air fresheners, toxic candles, harsh cleaning products with bleach, anti-bacterial soaps and […]


Many people ask me what we eat for breakfast. Perhaps this is because most breakfast foods are laden with sugar and white flour-not a healthy way to break a fast! Most of the time, I tend to need a very high protein breakfast, especially when I am pregnant. Organic Grass-Fed T-Bone anyone?? Ok, so if […]

Carpet Deodorizer

Here is an easy way to fragrance your carpet without the use of toxic chemicals. And, as with most of my recipes, it’s cheap! All you need is baking soda and essential oil(s). Once made, you can store them in a mason jar or any jar (such as large plastic spice or food bottles) that […]

How Do I Make Kefir?

Supplies for Making Kefir: 1. Kefir Culture. Buy the grain, not the powdered starter. A kefir grain is alive and will multiply over time. The powdered versions are expensive and they have a limited number of times that they will reproduce. Avoid contact with metal and chlorinated water. (Although I have to confess, I have […]

Nursury & Home Disinfectant Spray

Instead of spraying harmful chemicals into the air you breath, consider making a natural spray using grapefruit seed extract, lavender essential oil, or tea tree oil. In a spray bottle, mix about 15 drops of oil and fill the rest with water. Then spray away! Also, vinegar is a great wash (diluted with water) if […]

Vanilla Extract

Since vanilla extract can be fairly expensive, why not make lots of it at a fraction of the price? Oh yeh, and did I mention that it tastes incredibly better than store bought vanilla? All you have to do is buy some whole vanilla beans and a large bottle of cheap vodka. With a sharp […]

Butter from Raw Milk

So you have extra farm milk and want to make butter? Here is an easy way to separate cow’s milk using a Vita-Mix. Set milk out till the cream is all on the top (usually at room temp). Skim the cream off and put it in the Vita-Mix. Blend until you hear the motor change. […]

Sprouting & Other Alternatives to Sourdough

Here is a question someone sent me: Question: OK, so I’ve been reading A LOT about sourdough, and I have a beginner’s understanding of the chemistry behind it and why it is more nutritious to eat bread leavened in this way. Could you give me a brief explanation of what my different options are for […]

Sourdough Wheat Bread Instructions

I have tried many methods and recipes for making whole wheat sourdough bread. However, I had little success until I learned the proper techniques of bread baking in general. To do that, I had to take a step back, if you will, from what I considered “good for you” bread and (Gasp!) learn using white […]

Carob Chip Cookies (Gluten-free)

Here is an easy recipe that your kids will enjoy. You will need a Vita-Mix or other good food processor. Ingredients: 2 cups arrowroot powder 2 cups almonds (soaked overnight and then dehydrated in a warm oven for about 8 hours or until crispy) 2 eggs 3/4 cup maple sugar or Rapadura sugar 1 tsp […]


My grandmother used to say that if you had a variety of colors on your plate, you were eating a well rounded meal. Then when I got married, my husband said that it meant: brown tater tots and chicken patties, a white bun, red ketchup, yellow mustard and some frozen green peas for good measure. […]

Travel Kits

Consider making yourself a “Travel Kit.” We travel a lot as a family, even more so as the summer months approach. In order to keep us from getting a junk food overload and to avoid sickness, I began bringing things with me that I know I will need. You can buy containers from here: http://www.containerandpackaging.com/itemlist.asp?itemtype=Dairy_Bottles […]

Infant Potty Training

A Healthy Way to Care for your Infant’s Elimination Needs There is another option when it comes to the diaper question; cloth or disposable.  Instead, learn your baby’s cues to go potty.  Just like a mom can learn her baby’s cues to breastfeed, she can also learn the cues for “potty.”   The window to train […]

Favorite Websites

Here are some of my favorite websites: www.westonprice.org www.mercola.com www.drbenkim.com www.herballegacy.com www.botanical.com www.factoryfarm.org www.sfbi.com (for information/resources on naturally leavened bread) http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html (“Dom’s Kefir making site” Most complete site on kefir making.) www.realmilk.com Also, if you missed the answer to last week’s quiz, here it is: Although “homemade 100% whole wheat bread made with freshly ground […]

Whole Wheat Quiz

Which is the best “staple of life”? A. Store bought whole wheat bread B. Store bought whole grain bread C. Store bought 100% whole wheat bread D. Homemade 100% organic whole wheat bread E. Homemade 100% whole wheat bread made with freshly ground organic wheat berries F. None of the above Answer: F Although “homemade […]