Food Feelings

When you eat a meal, how do you feel afterward?  This is not a plea for inner esoteric musings, really…I mean how do you feel, physically?  Satisfied?  Hungry?  Sick?  These are all questions that you should be asking yourself every time you eat.  Based on your conclusions, you should either return to that same food […]

Getting Over Nutritionism

This is the third of three articles summarizing and reviewing Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food. If you have not already read the review of his first section, “The Age of Nutritionism“ or the review of his second section, “The Western Diet and the Diseases of Civilization“, you may want to do that first. […]

Vita-Mix or Grain Mill

We often get asked the question, “If the Vita-Mix can do everything, why would you also want a grain mill?”  And that is a good question. Before I had the WonderMill, I used our Vita-Mix for grinding grain (about two years).  While this can be done, I found two things: first, it was difficult to […]

Can the Soda

Informed consumers are the choir when it comes to preaching on the health hazards associated with soda consumption.  However, not all buyers are as savvy.  In the year 2000, Americans spent over $61 billion on soft drinks, many of those consumers were young children.  To continue sales, the soft drink industry spends over 700 million dollars annually in advertising. Today, soft drinks […]

Baking Soda

I have tried many natural, home cleaning products to clean sinks and tubs.  By far, I have found that baking soda does the job better than anything else.  Instead of using a bleach-based product that may be detrimental to your health, battle difficult grime with baking soda.  Here’s how…wet the surface of the tub, sink […]

Sprouted Wheat Bread Instructions

A reader recently inquired about making bread.  To learn about making sourdough, click here.  Below are instructions for making sprouted wheat bread. Before you begin, you may want to know that sprouted wheat berries can be ground wet in a Vita-Mix or you can dehydrate them. (FYI – dried, sprouted wheat berries, when coarsely ground, […]

The Western Diet and the Diseases of Civilization

This is the second of three articles summarizing and reviewing Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food.  If you have not already read the review of his first section, “The Age of Nutritionism“, you may want to do that first.   Pollan’s premise here is that most of our health problems in society can be […]

The Age of Nutritionism

Michael Pollan’s new book, In Defense of Food, really hits the mark when it comes to assessing the state of eating in America today. He divides the book into three sections, the first two of which really define the problems we face in America, and the third covering how to best fix it. Michael Pollan […]

In Defense of Food – A Prequel

Our copy of Michael Pollan’s new book, In Defense of Food, has just arrived from Amazon.  To give you an idea where he is going with this, from the inside cover: Food.  There’s plenty of it around, and we all love to eat it.  So why should anyone need to defend it?  Because most of […]

Pumpkin Cookies (Wheat Free)

While in the process of trying to use extra pantry items, I made up this recipe.  My children (and husband) had no complaints! Pumpkin-butter Cookies 1 jar Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter 2 cups walnuts 1 ½ cups coconut meat (unsweetened, Tropical Traditions) 1 ½ cup brown rice 1 cup arrowroot powder a few dashes of […]

Why Not to Buy Organic

With the organic craze going on today in America, you might think it odd that I write an article on why not to buy organic, especially on a health food web site. Let me explain. It is a noble cause to seek out and consume foods that have been grown in a natural and chemical-free […]

Inexpensive Groceries

Over the last few months, I have been able to reduce our monthly grocery bill by about $400. I have to admit, at first, it was not intentional. I just wanted to make meals more simple. Here are some things that helped me: Stick with Whole Foods If you are not able to raise any […]

Postpartum Recovery

Giving birth may be the most momentous experience in a woman’s life. After waiting patiently for nine months, she now has the fruit of her womb to hold in her hands and to share with other loved ones. The pain of childbirth is worth it, just to hold the tiny life in her arms. In […]

Caring for Your Newborn

Many people think that you have to have all the right tools and latest gadgets in order to welcome a little blessing into your home. In fact, the free baby magazines at the hospitals are filled with advertisements for things like bottles, breast pumps, clothes for mommy, baby chairs that make music and motions, lullaby […]

Birth Preparation

With the birth of our fourth child to be due in about 8 weeks, I am beginning to check off my supply lists, too. Being prepared helps to alleviate much of the uncertainty that can arise from being a new a mommy. While every pregnancy is different, here are some basics that I think would […]

1 Minute Lemon-aide

Here’s a quick way to make sugar free lemon-aide: Mason Jar of filtered water 1/2 Cup  bottled 100% lemon juice (such as “Real Lemon” brand) Stevia extract to sweeten Mix, add ice, Enjoy!