Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

People often ask me what I use as a face moisturizer. I reply, “The same thing I use to cook with.” It’s an age old secret that many islanders, such as the Pilipino women, know about. You would think that putting an oil on your face would clog pores and cause break-outs. Well, just the […]

Virgin Red Palm Oil

A few months back, I sent out a tip about olive oil.  This month, I wanted to tell you about another great fat – VIRGIN RED PALM OIL.  Virgin Red Palm Oil, used mostly in Africa and other parts of the world, is beginning to make a trend here as well.  Here are a few […]

Is Soy Healthy

Is Soy Healthy? Well, yes and no… Fermented products such as tofu, miso, and tempeh are very good for you (when eaten as a condiment and never as a replacement to meat products.)  However, soy milk, which is basically a by product of the vegetable oil industry, has been linked with causing various forms of […]

Non-Irradiated Spices

Always buy herbs and spices that say “non-irradiated.”  Almost all spices on the market, unless specifically stated as “non-irradiated” have undergone a process of ionized radiation in order to increase shelf life and kill any possible bacteria existing on the herb or spice.  While this may sound good at first glance, most of the valuable, […]

Making Your Own Bread

Although bread has been a staple in man’s diet for thousands of years, bread these days can be sticky business. In fact, the whole process of bread making has undergone dramatic changes. Take a look at what happens to the seed even before it is ground into flour: Seedlings receive an application of fungicides and […]

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Did you know not all olive oil is created equal?  If you’ve done some research, you’ll already know that cold-pressed olive oil is much better for you than the normal high-temperature stuff.  However, did you know that some cold-pressed olive oils are initially cold-pressed and then go through a second process under high-heat (often labeled […]