Cooking Pastured Poultry and Grass Fed Beef

A few weeks ago, I called a local meat establishment to inquire whether they carried grass-fed beef.  The response went something like this, “Well, we don’t carry that…it’s too tough!”  I wanted to say, “No, it IS good, really!”, but I bit my tongue.  This post is meant to be a flagpole to rally around […]

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers

9G Health Foods is proud to offer the diapers we’ve been using for over 6 years! The Mother-Ease Diaper System is the world’s BEST diaper system in existence, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with them for many years! We’ve used the same diapers with 4 children and they still work wonderfully. This is a […]

WonderMill $30 to $60 Rebate!!

Because of the success of the last promotion, the WonderMill Company is offering another rebate.  This time for $30 and you can buy either and electric mill, a hand mill, or BOTH! From September 1st through November 25th, 2009, purchase a WonderMill Electric Mill (110 or 220v) or a Wonder Junior Hand Mill (Deluxe or […]

International Plug Adapter

As we now sell many grain mills internationally, we’ve had the question pop up a time or two as to what kind of plug adapter will I need? The WonderMill 240v model comes with what is known as a CEE 7/7 plug. It looks like this: In order to bridge the differences between sockets E […]

Wonder Junior $20 Rebate

From June 15th through August 15th, 2009, purchase a Wonder Junior Deluxe or Basic and you will be eligible for a $20 manufacturer’s rebate.  That’s right!  Purchase a mill from us and you’ll get $20 back!  You must purchase on or after June 15th and on or before August 15th, 2009. Simply postmark the rebate […]

Vita-Mix, WonderMill, or Wonder Junior

In another post, Meg wrote: Chris, I have a few questions about the Wonder Junior. I have heard that the hand cranks are really labor intensive and then the flour comes out course. What are your thoughts? Also, I am interested in getting a mill with stone heads, the WonderMill Grain Mill doesn’t have stone […]


As we participated in one of the local farmer’s markets yesterday, we had several questions in regards to millet. What is it? What can you use it for? Why is it good for me? Hopefully this article will clear up some of those questions for you. The grain itself is produced predominantly in India and […]

Wonder Junior Stone Heads

Recently, we’ve had several customers ask what material the the Wonder Junior Hand Mill stone heads are made of.  Hopefully this article will shed some light on it. The stones are made of Naxos-basalt.  What is this, you may ask?  Basalt is a type of volcanic rock, this specific variety from the Mediterranean island of […]

Soda Tax and Diet Drinks

I came across an article online today that caught my eye. The title…”New York’s Soda Tax Scam”. Wow, a tax on soda?  What will they think of next. But as I read through the article, something bigger caught my eye. The tax is only on regular, full-sugar cans of pop. The diet ones are specifically […]

Kitchen Basics – Grains

This week, my children and I made many varieties of wheat products.  Usually, we just make either European-style bread or tortillas (using sourdough starter.)  However, this week we made cinnamon-raisin flat bread, seeded crackers, cherry bread, and bagels using the same starter.  The process is basically the same, up to a point.  You begin by […]

Kitchen Basics – Sugars

For most people, the term “healthy eating” conjures up many fears and even guilt.  This is due, in part, to the confusion that shrouds food today.  We are bombarded by what we hear “experts” telling us to eat, diet gurus touting health fads, and the advertising from major food producers.  It’s no wonder that we feel confused!  In […]

Food Feelings

When you eat a meal, how do you feel afterward?  This is not a plea for inner esoteric musings, really…I mean how do you feel, physically?  Satisfied?  Hungry?  Sick?  These are all questions that you should be asking yourself every time you eat.  Based on your conclusions, you should either return to that same food […]

Getting Over Nutritionism

This is the third of three articles summarizing and reviewing Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food. If you have not already read the review of his first section, “The Age of Nutritionism“ or the review of his second section, “The Western Diet and the Diseases of Civilization“, you may want to do that first. […]

Vita-Mix or Grain Mill

We often get asked the question, “If the Vita-Mix can do everything, why would you also want a grain mill?”  And that is a good question. Before I had the WonderMill, I used our Vita-Mix for grinding grain (about two years).  While this can be done, I found two things: first, it was difficult to […]

Can the Soda

Informed consumers are the choir when it comes to preaching on the health hazards associated with soda consumption.  However, not all buyers are as savvy.  In the year 2000, Americans spent over $61 billion on soft drinks, many of those consumers were young children.  To continue sales, the soft drink industry spends over 700 million dollars annually in advertising. Today, soft drinks […]

Baking Soda

I have tried many natural, home cleaning products to clean sinks and tubs.  By far, I have found that baking soda does the job better than anything else.  Instead of using a bleach-based product that may be detrimental to your health, battle difficult grime with baking soda.  Here’s how…wet the surface of the tub, sink […]