Rent a Solar Pathfinder

Our newest product, the Solar Pathfinder, is an ideal solution for gardeners or those planning to install their own solar panels. Using the sun’s predictable path across the sky, you can determine with accuracy the amount of shade or sun a location will receive…at any time of the year. Incredibly handy to determine what to […]

2012 Christmas Specials

Looking for a few last minute items for Christmas? Why don’t you replenish those Berkey Filters! Our PF-2 fluoride filters are on sale for $37.50 a pair! That’s almost half off the full retail price. The manufacturer recommends changing them after 1000 gallons of use per PAIR of filters. That may come sooner than you […]

New Swim Tops

We’re pleased to announce that we are carrying a new accessory to the Mother-Ease swim line…the Swim / Sun Tops. Whether choosing boys or girls Sun Tops, these are the best. Cut and styled to compliment our swim diapers. The girls’ tops have a designer A line cut with a ruffled cap sleeve for added […]

How Long Do Berkey Filters Last?

A common question we get is, “How long do my Berkey filters last?”. That’s a great question! The manufacturer recommends that they be changed out every 3000 gallons. So, when you use 2 filters in your system, that means you should only change them out every 6000 gallons. Each filter can handle 3000 gallons and […]

Wonder Junior Auger and Grinding Plate Differences

We’re always learning new things every day. Today we learned that the Wonder Junior had a different style auger for the first batch or two that came off of the assembly line (early to mid-2008). This original auger had more of a square head to it. As such, the plates (both stone and stainless steel) […]

Real Olive Oil

Amazon has a great olive oil that I highly recommend. It is one of the best oils I’ve had in this price range. It is perfect as a dipping sauce or as a daily oil. I’ve tried the other olive varieties and the Arbequina is, hands down, my favorite. Have a Healthy Day! Mercy

Country Living Grain Mill Owner’s / User Manual

The Country Living Grain Mill has been widely regarded as the world’s finest hand operated grain mill for more than 35 years. WARRANTY:This warranty is a Limited Warranty as defined in the Consumer Product Warranty and the Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act. It gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights […]

Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers

We often get the question of, “What laundry detergent do you recommend for cloth diapers?”. Our recommendation is Seventh Generation laundry detergent. It is very gentle and cleans well. We also will add lavender essential oil to it, but you can purchase it with that already added. We’ve listed several specific recommendations below.

WonderMill – Free 2-Day Shipping

For a limited time, buy a WonderMill grain mill from 9G Health and get FREE 2-Day shipping. Mention this promotion in the checkout of PayPal to get the upgrade. Offer valid for USA Street Addresses only.

Wonder Junior Drill Bit Adapter

We now carry a neat attachment to use with your Wonder Junior to allow you to use your drill to motorize your mill. Turn your Wonder Junior Hand Mill into a drill powered grain mill with the Drill Bit Adapter. Simply remove the handle, attach the bit to your drill, slide bit over the end […]

Aluminum and Grain Mills

I’ve had the question posed recently asking whether the Wonder Junior Hand Mill has any aluminum in it. In a nutshell, yes, it does, but at the same time, there is no measurable transfer of any alloy or aluminum from the auger drive to the food. The auger drive that guides the grain into the […]

The New and Improved Wonder Junior Deluxe Handmill

The World’s Best Handmill just got better! Some of the improvements include: The Auger has been completely redesigned to increase the output of flour per minute to 65% over the closest competitor, The Country Living Grain Mill. With this new auger the Wonder Junior Deluxe will produce over 1 1/4 cups of bread flour in […]

Bamboo Cloth Diapers?

For those of you who have purchased our Mother-Ease bamboo cloth diapers, you may have read the ingredients and wondered to yourself…”Where’s the bamboo?” That’s a great question. The diapers currently consist of 57% Rayon, 24% Cotton, and 19% Polyester. The bamboo is actually part of the manufacturing process for one of the fibers in […]

WonderMill $45 Shipping Rebate

From April 1st through April 30th, 2010, get a $45 Rebate on International Shipping Costs (Including Alaska and Hawaii). Purchase any electric mill from 9G Health Foods, ship it anywhere outside of the continental USA, and get $45 back! Save BIG, but act soon before the special ends! See all the details below. HOW TO […]

What Do You Grind?

The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill allows folks to grind pretty much anything. Some things grind very well (like grain and coffee). Other things may not work so well. We want to hear from you, whether a regular reader or just a passer-by. If you own a Wonder Junior, please let us know how it […]

The Cure for Morning Sickness

Some people call it “morning sickness” but what do you call it when it’s “all-day-and-night-sickness”? Well, for those suffering from whatever-you-call-it, I have some great news to pass along. This is my 5th pregnancy and I can’t believe the difference since trying this common remedy. But, first, I have a little story to tell (well, […]