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Mother’s Day Mixers

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Surprise her with an Ankarsrum Mixer. Ankarsrum Mixers are the top-of-the-line in home stand mixers. She won’t be disappointed!  Contact us today, and we can often times provide FREE 2-DAY or even OVERNIGHT shipping, depending on your location and color choice.  Contact us today!

Berkey Filters and TDS Meters

Many of our customers have written in asking why their new TDS meter does not register much of a change between their pre-filtered water and the post-filtered water.  This is actually normal, and the answer has to do with what a TDS meter actually measures.  According to, “Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total […]

How Much Arsenic Does My Berkey Filter?

How much arsenic does a typical Berkey system filter out? According to the manufacturer and the testing they have done (using outside companies), the Black Berkey purifiers will take out >99% of the arsenic from the water. If combined with the PF-2 fluoride / arsenic reducers, the result is an even higher level of arsenic […]